• Angel Solbach

Alex Strangelove to Netflix's NewLove

Alex Strangelove is a Netflix film that follows a high school senior by the name of Alex Truelove; a nerdy, awkward boy who is also the class president. The film focuses on the relationship between Alex and his first girlfriend, Claire, and the pressures that their peers place on them; namely the fact that they haven’t had sex together. Alex struggles with his sexuality after meeting an openly gay man at a party by the name of Elliot; tensions only increase further between this love triangle, but a twist ending will have you falling in love with this film.

Not only does this picture illustrate a very lifelike and familiar situation for some, it also shows that exes can move on as friends and help one another find the person that will make them truly happy. It depicts a healthy transition from one romantic partner to another, and a very positive message to anyone who may be struggling with their sexuality. The film ends with Alex talking to the audience, and while he does, a multitude of videos begin to fill the screen; all the videos are of the ever-growing movement of people coming out on YouTube. As the screen fills with these countless faces, the scene becomes even more touching, and a sense of unity is achieved- The LGBT+ community is just that; a community. One body and one movement, united together in love and pride.

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