How to Build a Good Looking Better Boy

Disney's How to Build A Better Boy is hitting headlines like crazy. Here on the east coast has air on television for the first time at 8:00.

​The awesome special effects this movie is surrounded by an idea of two girls who are extremely nerdy until one mean girl gets on the last nerve, Mae (Kelli Berglund) says that she all ready has a boyfriend in this case. This high school tends to have a policy: nerd. no boyfriend. Gabby (China Anne Mcclain) hacks into Mae's dad's video game software, comes to find out that her father doesn't work for a video games company he really works with the pentagon. Gabby make a "suppose" virtual boyfriend named Albert (Marshall Williams).

After creating Albert not knowing that mimicking inside the lab. A super strong, hot, good looking, kind.. never mind that, a soldier robot. After being undetected by security, Albert makes a surprising entrance in the morning at the high school, of course Mae and Gabby are confused, but the government finds out there's a whole lot more to it. Including Bart (Matt Shively) has a little crush on Gabby also know as Mae's Big Brother. 

​Let just say that Mae lets some popularity go to her head with Albert. This movie also is like "Weird Science." Disney did a great job with the Sci-Fi and the comedy inside this movie. I enjoyed it, including here is some background information on the main cast members.  

 To find more information about How to Build A Better Boy at​/how-to-build-a-better-boy. Video & Photo credit to Disney Channel.

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