Interview with Kristen Li

What is it like being a voice actress? ​ Being a voice actress is amazing. You can voice a broad span of characters. You don’t have to dress up for voice acting either, but you do have to be prepared to do different sounds and voices on the spot.

What inspired you to become a voice actress?

When I was younger I always wondered who was behind the voices of characters in cartoons. I would look up the actors and that inspired me. I admire the actors and actresses that have different voices for different cartoon characters.

How has your character "Bubbles" changed throughout the series so far?

She has new powers and a cell phone! That’s really exciting. Bubbles is still innocent, sweet and loves to help others! When you watch the show you will also see some new things that might surprise you!

Did you ever watch the original Powerpuff Girls? What was your favorite part about the show? Yes! I watched the original Powerpuff Girls and loved it! My favorite part about the show is when the sisters all come together to fight the villains. I love that they are a team and help each other to save the day... all before bedtime!

If you couldn’t play Bubbles, which other character could you see yourself playing? Why? If I couldn't voice Bubbles in the series, I would want to voice Mojo Jojo because he is an awesome character. His voice and character adds so much to the show. When he tries to "DESTROY” the girls it always ends up being an epic fail! I love him.

Where do you see Bubbles in 5 years? How do you think she will be different?

In my opinion, Bubbles will always be sweet and nice. In 5 years, she will be in the “popular“clique and smarter than she is now because she always learns so much from her sisters. As she grows older, she will gain new powers and keep learning new things. She will stay cute, gullible, and will always have a love for animals.

You have also done some theatrical work in the past. Do you hope to pursue voice acting, theatrical acting or both in the future? Do you prefer one over the other?

Yes, I have done some theatrical acting. I love it because I get to dress for the part. I want to continue to pursue both theatrical acting and voiceover acting because it gives me a variety of different work. They both give me the opportunity to entertain people.

What advice can you give for aspiring voice actors?

You really need to work hard for a character and do the research. Remember to have FUN!

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