Millions of Views: Interview with Kelsey Leon

Q: What is it like being a part of an extremely successful movie and TV show franchise like Chicken Girls?

Kelsey: It’s phenomenal, and I’m so blessed that I received the opportunity to be a part of it. The views are absolutely insane on both the show and the movie. I’m so happy that Chicken Girls is doing so well, and that fans are enjoying it. 

Q: What was it like being on set for Chicken Girls: The Movie? Is the cast friends behind the camera? How did it differ from the TV show set?

Kelsey: Filming for Chicken Girls: The Movie was such an amazing experience. My cast is full of sweet and genuine people whom I’m so thankful to call my friends. Filming the movie just took a bit longer to film than the TV show!

Q: Who would you say you were closest to in the cast and if you had to play another role than Kimmie, who would you play? Kelsey: Ahhh...I couldn’t just pick one! I love my whole cast; everyone gets along so well. Probably Rooney or Kayla. 

Q: Can you tell us anything about the next season of Chicken Girls? Kelsey: New characters, plot twists, lots of dancing and singing. 😀Stay tuned for September 4!

Q: Do you have a favorite memory while working on set, and do you relate to Kimmie as a person in real life? Kelsey: I always love being with my cast and having a good time. Every time I’m on a set, we always make inside jokes and laugh all day long. And I’m a dancer in real life just like Kimmie.  

Q: Other than the Chicken Girls, what is your favorite show that you acted on? Kelsey: “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn”. I was featured on that show as ‘Mindy’. It was super fun.  Q: What’s your favorite thing about being an actress? Kelsey: Performing. Getting to turn those emotions into personal experiences. I love creating new characters and exploring the different ways you can portray them.

Q: When you aren't acting, what do you do in your free time? Any hobbies? Kelsey: I love hanging out with friends and family, going to the movies, watching Netflix and going shopping. Some hobbies aside from my career are kickboxing and swimming. Q: How did you get into acting, and do you have any tips for aspiring actors? Kelsey: I got into acting because a lot of my friends are on Disney and Nickelodeon shows. That really inspired me to pursue acting. A good tip for an aspiring actor would be to go for it. Anything is possible if you work on what you love and be confident in your craft. Q: Do you have any other projects that you are working on?Kelsey: We just wrapped up filming season three of Chicken Girls. Stay tuned! The new season starts airing September 4. 😀

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