• Angel Solbach

New Driving Laws in Florida

As many of you may know by now, texting while driving is officially a punishable offense in the state of Florida; but just what are all the ins and outs you should know about? First of all, the state is not passing a full law until Jan. 1st 2020, so you’ve got some time to break the habit if you’re someone who is guilty of using your phone while driving. If you are caught as of right now you will be issued a warning, you can stack up multiple warnings without consequence from the looks of it. However, once the new year rolls around you will be issued a $30 ticket and a point on your license if caught.

You are still allowed to hold your phone if you are making a phone call (though not recommended) but it is prohibited in school zones or construction areas. If you are stopped whether it be parked or at a light, you cannot be fined for hands-on phone usage; it is only when the vehicle is in motion that it becomes an issue. You will not be fined if you simply tap your phone to maybe change the song that is playing or switch apps, and all hands-free software is still legal. 

Remember an officer cannot ask to look through your phone if you are stopped for texting; the citation is based on your behavior as law enforcement is trained to identify driver’s actions when they text. Overall, this law is not too hard to avoid while on the road; just don’t text, keep your eyes on the road, and you should be in the clear.

 Source: floridatoday.com

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